How do I make sure I dont get charged back on paypal when selling MT?

I’ve never sold MT but I’m trying to now. I’ve seen people say that they been charged back after selling MT and getting scammed. I’m kind of worried about that. Any advice from sellers? :pray:

There’s no way. Even through friends and family I’ve been charged back

Just find people with vouchers

Maybe I’ll lower the price for people with vouches lol

Its probably worth it. Just see if they have alot of people vouching and check the dates of the users so you know they’re not new

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All else fails, you can always count on @jusbro92

If you want to stay safe deal only with guys that have lots of rep. Simple! or don’t sell via Paypal (period). Also get into Cryptocurrency as its non-reversible.

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Insert a poison pill. Tell them if they charge back you’ll report them to 2k for purchasing MT.

Do you have other recommendations besides PayPal (and crypto), that are more trustworthy?

Western Union is money in hand but with Covid 19 no sense risking that as you have to go to the cash shop to get it. Also the fees to customers are huge to do those transfers. Canadian Etransfer is good in Canada and Zelle is good in the States. Also Cashapp is good as you can send the money to bank as soon as you get it but I think people can still charge back on cashapp and when that happens I think it locks your account up and you won’t be able to use it. I don’t know all the details about American apps. I do know that people perfer Cashapp and Zelle over paypal any day in the States.

Only use PayPal with people who have bought before and have a history of it. If you’re from the US, as others have mentioned, Zelle; CashApp; and Venmo are all excellent

I‘ve been charged back only once with PayPal in several hundred transactions but now I’ve moved to only using it with customers who have a history, with me or someone else. If I lose a sale for that, it’s worth my peace of mind.

You can charge back on PayPal friends and family? That’s stupid