How do I get MyCareer player into MyTeam?

I see an XP Challenge that gives XP Rewards for playing with MyCareer player in the different modes of MyTeam. I just made a MyCareer player and got bored during my first game in the 1st quarter, so I quit and saved progress. How far do I need to take this player to get him into my Roster on MyTeam? And how do I port the player over to MyTeam and where will I find him?

I just came back to MyCareer hoping that this game fast forwarded to the end like in the days of VeroniCa, but I am still in the 1st quarter.

when you entering your mycareeer, go straight to park so you can avoid those first challenges with your myplayer.

then, when you entered the park, you are going around till you find the MYTEAM store.
you go into that store, choosing a pose for your card. and then you get your card and can immediately go back to myteam

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When you have done everything in the above post, you can find the card in “my collection”, “miscellaneous”, , “my career”. (Icon looks like dude holding trophy)

@Domse123 Thanks fellas; I am in with my guy and got the tokens. I had Wade already and just wanna have this dude ready in case I decide to grind again for future XP Reward cards.

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Don’t you have to go to rookieville or whatever and play games to get out?

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Probably takes a couple hours to get out of rookieville. I dunno if I want to do that

You don’t. You just create a player. Skip straight to NBA when given the choice. Go to myteam store in neighborhood and pose for a picture. Takes all of ten minutes and no playing required.

On current gen I know that works. I don’t think it works like that on next gen

I actually won my TTO game with my crappy shooting, no-defense PG. dude must have been salty when Amy Wallace and D Clyde went ham while my 83 overall stood in the corner like a fire hydrant.


Lol. Your opponent prob thought you were barbecue chicken. :rofl:


:laughing: got destroyed using my card on tto

This is the only way I’m able to get Reggie Miller into MyTeam

the fact that i have to go into “rookieville” and get my ass whipped just to get into the city is the biggest fucking bullshit i have seen from this game


How long does it take to get out of rookieville?