How do I get evo Dr J?

Saw him in 2kmtc while back just returned to MyTeam

It was a moments challenge that I believe expired today.

He was literally the exact same card as the diamond available in the AH tho.

Better off grinding the MT to get him than the EVO goals.

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we got SAUSAGED bro.

Im sure he wasnt that great anyway but still, woulda been nice to have.

My team was TOO ASS to complete the objectives but now im powered up a bit it was doable and now GONE

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All of my players are rewards lol my only diamond is Crawford

Me and you got the game at the same time and I was able to get amethyst Dr J. It’s probably not worth it though. To evolve him. You have to score 1500 points, get 400 rebounds and something else. It’s a lot.

hes a beast after evo