How do I get 120 hz from my monitor for my Xbox?

So I can only get it to go up to 60 hz currently and can’t figure out how to get it working for 120 which is where I want it at.
Do I need a certain cable for it perhaps like HDMI 2.0?
I know it mentions it works with that but Idk if that’s what I have or not .
I know that the HDMI cord I have is gold I believe(my brother I bought the Xbox one from I believe its an S or X?) and and I can’t get it to work right. I looked it up online and the only thing I can think of is that I don’t have the right HDMI cord.

Depends on your monitor outputs. Brand / model?
Almost all of the fast monitors can provide 120+ with dp (display port) cables. You gotta connect your monitor’s dp output to Xbox. If your monitor is supporting 120hz+, it has to have a display port. Plug that into your X with a proper adapter / converter. Be aware of male / female sides. Example: UPTab HDMI to DisplayPort Active adapter Xbox Series X/S 1440p at 120Hz - YouTube

yeah I got an Acer one this one i think

The one on the right is the display port you need to connect with the adapter i showed above. There may be cheaper dp-hdmi adapters for 1080p gaming. Active ones are usually for 2K gaming and need extra power from usb port of the console.

Just in case: A patch earlier this year disabled 120 Hz 4K compatability between my TV and Series X. I have a late 2020 model CX, LG patched their 2021 models but not yet the 2020.

Think that HDMI 2.0 will support up to 144Hz at 1440p. And HDMI 2.1 will do 120Hz to even 8K.

With proper cable it can support 120hz without hdr / with limited color range & that usually is easier to set up with tvs when it comes to a console connection. (Newish Samsungs has a setting to increase bandwith and force 120 for example). It’s also easier to setup on a pc - monitor connection. But when you connect a gaming console to a monitor, especially on hdmi 2.0 or below, things get a bit nasty. You’ve to deal with settings on the source + on the monitor & may even change a couple of cables etc… Almost all of the low - mid range monitors use dp for 120+ without forcing or touching any setting, risk & trouble is minimum. Use the dp, save yourself from the potential headaches :cold_face:

There has be a setting on Xbox to force that refresh rate on hdmi connection but with dp it’ll be easier, very likely automatically switch to that. Without hdmi 2.1, you’ve to deal with a lot of settings such as below:


You may try this as well.

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Oh wow, thanks. Didn’t know that it could require manual forcing and coordination like that.

I’m only playing on PC and got a monitor that’ll do 1440p @ 144Hz and I still have to actually check with Nvidia software if the in-game play is at even 120Hz. It doesn’t feel different to me. I had changed graphics settings in the game and think I have monitor and PC settings correct.

Something should be off in settings. Maybe hdr? Usually hdr & color settings limit frequency. (check monitor mode as well)

Maybe it’s a settings thing and maybe it’s just me expecting too much.

I just need to run the Nvidia overlay to see FPS while playing and see what the framerate is. I assume that will tell me, unless Nvidia will report 120 Hz out and the monitor displays slower due to some setting issue, and Nividia/PC doesn’t know.

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