How did your Yahoo/ESPN fantasy team do in 2k20 MyTeam?

Anybody’s team better in terms of gem color?

For the most part I’d say my team is pretty nasty and the lineup looks great. I have yet to redeem Collins however, sure would be a nice final piece for the squad. Share your teams below and ranking it’s in your league before Covid :pensive:. I feel for the top ranked teams this year I was on my way to getting a 1st round bye and $800 potentially, F.


I was 3rd in my league but probably wouldn’t have won this year

Woah your teams look juiced :eyes:
This mine, was winning my league before the break


Sons of Aryvdas

12 man H2H 9 cat yahoo

My team was 1st place all year until the final week dude beat me out by one cat. Zach was out for that final week. Just realized trophies came in and I got a silver one

Meaningless but sucks considering I was in in 1st until the last week. The first place winner had Harden. Harden is the truth

Loaded on offense but defnese/glue could’ve been my downfall. Either way it was a great year and I was ready for the playoffs. Trae, Dame, Zach and Lowry was a monster 4 guard core. They were all dealing with injuries before the break but we’re all getting back to 100pct so I was ready for the offs. The fun was about to start :triumph: