How deep do you go?

In your lineup? Do you play 10 man as most of us do or 5 or 13 and keeping some very tall guys for certain matchups ?

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Lately I’ve been using 11 or 12. I switch PGs every quarter to keep fresh legs out there so I can run around and be mEtA


10 man lineup but I often use my last 3 - they’re just situational players. A small guard if the matchup makes it feasible, and extra forward in case I need more length across the middle of the lineup and a giant for other giants

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this is how i do it too. for pg’s i have edwards (base 98) thon (unicorn) and then my situational pg is magic. he’s basically a smaller worse release but better defender slasher thon when he plays.
I also have a wing. I start gay and derozan in the 10 man, so butler will come in for defense and open jumpers.
My big men are wiseman and bron, so I have Shaq to come in if I need a big boy or just someone taller instead of bron.

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This thread title though.


11, 3 PGs for dribbling/defense purposes.

All year I ran 11 deep, the 11th man is always my 3rd pg and he plays a quarter to give them a rest, but now that Pete is out I’ll just run him till he has 30 stamina and possible heart failure…

Im most comfortable with a 8man rotation.
A guard, a wing and a big from the bench.
Kobe and AD is so good for me, I just cant let them sitting on the bench for a quarter.:grin:

10 Man. If those 10 can’t get it done, they shouldn’t be on the floor.

I run a full 13

Most of the year 11 man

Now full team