How confident are we that we aren't getting more token GO's?

I have been pretty sure it’s not happening, but since they really seem to be dropping cards still now into the 2nd half of July I really don’t know. How do you guys feel about that?

I am closing in on 750 right now and I highly doubt I’ll be able to get another one and wondering if I should wait a bit.

Also none of them really move the needle with regards to my other lineup options.

Maybe @ItsShake4ndbake have you heard anything about that? Did anyone say they are done for the year with token cards?

I’ll be so pissed if I spent my last tokens but then some heat comes out


99 everything Giannis with 34 HoF badges for 3K tokens.

They might but seriously doubt it. I could see the case that they might though. They could release another ‘promo’ for a reward of another 750-1000 tokens with players like GO pippen, porzingis, cousins, grant hill, Dwight, iggy, Kemp etc

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I need a PD Bob pettit

I think there’s enough players for their weekly drops, one more promo, and one more round of GO token cards. I would hope they drop those this week though so we have as much time as possible to use those cards

Opal Shawn Kemp, Opal Pippen, Opal Wade, Opal Jokic, Opal Demar Derozan, Opal Wall, Opal Bradley Beal, are cards I could see coming.

Kinda crazy though, last year they never did give Pippen a Pink Diamond. Although his duo with Jordan made him one

But I will also say this, Pippen’s 97 Pink Diamond is one of the better Pink Diamonds in the game. Like they did not gimp that card like they did the Lebron. Pippens 97 Pink Diamond is better than Brons.

Bill Rusell, Ray Allen, Penny, Baron Davis, Cousy

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Speedboosting opal Jokic with HOF dimer and ankle breaker :heart:

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Forgot about Joker

Based on the rest of the year, it is around 30-45 days between token market updates. So, early August would likely be the soonest we could see another update. I have a feeling that the last drop was the final one, though, and that the remainder of cards we are yet to see will be in throwback playoff moments and (hopefully) one final promo.

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They also released 6 instead of the previous two drops which were 3. AND the Limited cards. So technically 9 total token GO cards. Feels like going out with a bang to me. But who knows.

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Just get GO Antwan. I have both and I prefer Antwan Jamison. That’s just me though.

That’s how I felt about it. Especially once I saw Opal Scal and Vince AND the limiteds, I knew it was the end of token market updates.

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I have no mt and I wAnt him in token market cuz I’m stuck on pd tier

Way easier to get the ~20K MT for Jamison by playing TTO than grinding for the 750 tokens

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Not only that, but didn’t the duo actually make give Pippen 98 for almost every attribute?

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