How come salary cap never goes down?

There are so many cards at 1200 cap that I’m sure aren’t used that much. Like rewards Dumars and 95 westbrook both have a 1200 cap, while PD Oladipo only has a cap of 1174.

Some salaries have gone down though. Big Z was 1,000 but now he’s lower than that.

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I think the salary is not determined by usage in SM lineups so much as it is determined by players having the cards in their Collections. Hence Rewards Diamond Dumars having a high salary, despite one basically never seeing him in SM. Rewards Diamond Tim Hardaway has a lower salary not because he’s played in SM even less, but because far fewer players chose him as a Reward, is my assumption.

But by that logic wouldn’t all supermax rewards have a salary of 1200?

Yeah I’m not sure about that, just because of the sheer amount of people who have Giannis locked in but Kidd’s salary is 300. Also reward cards like Amy JR and AK47 have gone down in salary despite nobody being able to remove them from collection. I reckon it is probably based on use but like almost everything is a flawed system where some cards slip through cracks most likely.

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The cards in the evolution set have vastly different salaries too, even accounting for the max salary.

Even diamond Jerry West has a salary of 709 and I know it was 1200 at one point

Ah, yeah. Those are good points.

My only possible devil’s advocate counter to that would be that it’s still about ownership in Collections, but things are relative. That the absolute number of people who own a Reward card does not go down, but the proportion of players who own a particular card goes down, relative to some very plentiful and popular Throwback Playoffs card (for example).

Does that potentially make sense?

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Going off that, Diamond Vince has a 1200 Salary whereas Diamond Nique has a 679 salary I think it is based on a formula of use and ownership, all the locker codes including PD Magic and Bird shot up to 1200 after the codes were released

No i think my bird still says like 300 or something salary

It 100% is based on ownership/usage in super max.

Going further off that another example, in the ice cold set Diamond Drose is 1200, Diamond Petit is 300 and all the amethysts are 250

Yeah, no one uses Pettit. Never seen one in supermax.

Yeah but that rose got re releases in different packs so he been pulled like crazy

up until like a week ago I was the only one lol, I couldn’t replace him his 3 ball was so nice for me

This is what I don’t understand why have a “cap” when your whole line up can be 99? At least in Madden you have to pick a weakness. It should be ok my starting five is ok but I don’t have no good bigs. Something to make teams seem unique.