How can I get Free Agent cards without doing schedules?


This is my rebirth account since the 1st one got banned. I’m not trying go thru all those schedule challenges. I completed Dom again but that’s where I stop. I don’t see any fa cards in tto boards.

There is some weird cheap promo that does a free agent pack. It was months ago when I saw it and it gave 2 or 3. One was a duplicate.

Buy the action figuresfrom Wal-Mart, carefully get the code from them. Take them back. Also scanning an NBA Nike jersey gives you something like that.

Really never heard bout this one. U tried bro?

I didnt, but a friend did to get Giannis a few months ago

Man 2k will have on a scavenger hunt for these fa cards, more reasons to see Ronika an rip off 2k.

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Are you going for Giannis?

Yea u know it and 3k tokens

Getting 3000 tokens now seems like such a Herculean task unless you have most of the throwbacks done. They are so ridiculously price fixed.

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