How bad is the cheese in myteam this year?

I started myteam 2k18 during the finals and had a great time, but I only played online modes and got tired of the cheese in the PD league. Are things at least a little better this year? Are short PGs actually viable? Is now a good time to get into myteam, or should I just stick with other modes?

No, no, no, and yes


Of course there’s cheese, it’s 2k, just a different flavor this year.

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I think you meant, No, no, no, & yes. :joy:

Yes and no

Lmao yeah u right

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Way less cheese than last year for sure

5 out zigzag or zigzag pick & pop, it’s all cheese.

Better than 5 out iso last year

If they just made threes 25 percent less successful the game would be balanced.

Fixed it for you :wink:


I actually feel like if you get a decent contest they aren’t too successful, but I mean come on…an open three isn’t a layup.

Height is not an issue it is a crutch. There is cheese but that is generally low iq players who don’t understand actual basketball. I said in another thread GO CP3 is one of if not the best card currently in game.