How are your KG Teammate pulls?

Saw some feedback in the ‘packs are live’ thread but I figured I’d make a thread dedicated specifically to pack odds.

Saw some folks saying two 10 pack bundles and only rubies. Saw someone else who said one 10 pack bundle, got rubies and one amethyst. How’ve they been for you?

Opened 5 packs and pulled Amy Wiggins and Ruby KG. Only thing I regret is putting Wiggins up on the AH with a starting bid of 100K. Gonna end up losing a bit of value considering I have to wait a little over 2 hours before I can repost him.

The packs aren’t juiced. I pulled 10 singles with MT, and 2 10’s with VC. Rubies only.

Ouch. It’s been a while, but for a period of time it seemed like promos were typically juiced at the very beginning, like the first few hours. I remember pulling most of the All Star Weekend collection from basically two 10 pack boxes. I only had to pick up Wilkins for 100k. Prime Time was similar (pulled TMac in one of the first few packs). But since then, Heat Check & Clutch Closers were dry as the Sahara for me.

You guys are being too kind. These packs are terrible. Full 20 box, just a handful of rubies. At this point EVERY full box should get a Diamond or Amy at MINIMUM!!!


This is a perfect example of why so many people are quitting MyTeam!

spent 505k VC on 5 10pack box and got diamond Jokic, Diamond Beal, Diamond Cousins, Diamond Dwight Howard and Diamond KAT. pretty juiced to mee :slight_smile:

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First box I pulled 97 Pierce, topper was a ruby.
Second box I got Amy Love, diamond contract, and diamond blue/yellow Curry shoe.

I put Paul up in that AH, and that shoe and contract will be waiting for PD KG.

Pulled 2 PP34 in a 20 pack box. Both went right up the auction house lmao. I have the first 2 PP’s on xbox 1. Hoping to get 800k for both :smiley:

I had a chance to stop home a rip a few packs but decided against it. Might open some later tonight, hopefully they aren’t crap again later tonight when I get another opportunity to rip.

I’m just saving for next promo. This set is not good


I would wait. I think this set will drop hard in price

I bought about 20 singles and got diamond Mitchell, diamond Beal and Amethyst Jokic + all the rubies. Not great, but could have been worse.

4 full boxes, no AMYs, Rondo is only diamond.

These odds are complete shit.

When you say 4 full boxes, you are referring to 20 pack boxes? If so was Rondo a topper?

Someone on 2KMTC claims to have pulled 6 diamonds in one 20-pack box. Has to be full of crap, right? I’ve heard of juiced odds but not like that.

4 full 20 pack boxes. Rondo was not a topper. Ruby topper in all.
It actually does make sense that 1 box got that many. When they set odds correctly we see fair distribution.
2k keeps messing with odds and configurations and now they left it broken where 1 person buys 1 box and gets the world. Others buy several boxes and do not get a single thing.

I wouldn’t trust anything anyone says on 2KMTC… ive seen so many people troll and say packs are juiced when they aren’t.

Odds are absolutely terrible

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Pulling a diamond from this promo is like finding a golden ticket.

:musical_score: I never thought my life could be
Anything but catastrophe
But suddenly I begin to see
A bit of good luck for me
'Cause I’ve got a diamond Paul Pierce
I’ve got a diamond twinkle in my pack :musical_score: