How are you preparing for this weekend?

I have 700k and i dont think i could complete the new set with that.
I Have opal mj/kawhi/pg. would it be best to sell up now before the announcements tomorrow or could they possibly go up? I dont know what to do. I dont want another mj situation where i get him for 780 is now 400ish lol

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Playing with Fire :fire:

It’s supposedly young guys which don’t interest me. A juiced Doncic would intrigue me but just to mess with here and there. I passed on Kawhi, looks amazing but PG TMac Bird KD are gonna be my wings all year and nothing is changing that.

Oh and I’m sensing a reward opal KPor, the fact that he only has a diamond is pretty telling.

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Opal KAJ/Opal DRob :smile:

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Playing with these defensive opals has been amazing and i wanna keep them but damn, an opal would d rob, kareem, lebron or magic would kill me not to have haha

Was he talking about draft guys? Maybe like 1st picks maybe?

Im expecting rising stars in general. Trae Doncic KPor Tatum Brown Ingram Ayton Simmons Mitchell etc

An opal simmons would be a gg. Especially being australian lol

I might have to just sell one of them. 1.2 mill should be enough for the set

I think we’d have a pullable opals alongside the reward. Simmons and then everyone else has 97-98 PDs. Throw in diamond Fultz for lols

Haha for some reason that fultz last year has one of the best dunking packages

Idk 1.2 might not be enough if we get an OP opal reward and 1 good opal in the set from a popular player along with decent PDs.

Less Veronica pulls too.

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You have a point, higher mt owners and less packs with vc. Hmm, this gonna be a hard one cuz we know its going to be an op set. Every set has been solid. Im think opal simmons/lonzo