How are you guys using Manu

Where are you guys playing Manu, what shoes did you put on him and what do you think overall about him.

I personally think his moving shots especially his moving shot 3 is very OP.

Point guard. Grey Jordan 12’s. He’s incredible, beautiful animations and dribble package.

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I have so much fun with Manu in TTO. With the cp3s he’s lightning fast and he just collects ankles.


I play him at SG with no diamond shoes, since I don’t own any. I just let the game come naturally to him. Maybe 1-2 plays for him, but he still gets buckets and dimes in transition.

His playbook has so many pages

Thats my setup as well

Eddie / Manu
Manu brings up the ball

I’m so lazy this round. 4-0 & probably wont be 12-0 for at least a week. Manu good enough to bump diamond Baron from PG duties?

Baron is too good for me to go away from him. 99 speed, 99 open 3, 98 steal with the best release ive used this year. He’s my bench pg and Ginobili will propably take Finley’s spot as my bench 2

He bumped my D. Baron

Crossover creates soooo much space. I was thinking of throwing a moving 3 shoe on him as well. Might go with the carolina blue 11’s.

Played someone who had him and he was killing me with moving 3s lol

HOF Difficult Shots badge OP