How are you guys getting tokens?

TTOff is down so I can’t grind that and I’ve been working on dom but that doesn’t seem as rewarding as it should be. Are you guys completing collections? Playing TTOn?

I sniped silvers and finished an East and West team since those have agenda goals tied to them. Combined, it gives you 80 tokens and I’m already in Ruby rewards with barely playing.


The token cards look a lot worse this year than previous even the PDs are nerfed

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Do you have to lock those in?


80 tokens for 2 collections :eyes: how?

I’ve been racking them up in TTO. Halfway through the Sapphires

TTO is absolutely goated this year in terms of gameplay and rewards

I played like 3 games and got measly amounts of MT

TT online?

Agenda. You get an extra 20 for the first East team you finish, same with the West. Heat Checks you get an extra 25 for the first East/West you do.

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Yesterday I faced someone with 3 Amy’s from token market. No idea how you can grind that many tokens that quickly, he must’ve completed multiple collections

Good looks. i. def gonna do them both. Should get me close to ruby market

I have 40k mt right now. Prior to starting the TTO grind I had zero. That’s all ima say

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Grinding Dom, got up to 350 cards, also got reward balls and shit from dom that i locked for more tokens, closing to get to ruby tier.


You do make a lot of damn mt from tto, its just a little repetitive as all the boards are pretty much the same, no luck involved.

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I much prefer that to getting shitty boards and then occasionally getting a diamond pack with 1 ball drop

I played 3 games, it’s just 100 mt and 300 at most

Who you got in mind. I remember Rex and Shareef being goated in 2k18

The boards get much better the more wins you get. At 4/5 balls I get at least 2 tokens every game sometimes 5