How are you guys copping with contracts?

TTO barely gives them anymore and diamond ones are super costly, playing games seems to be expensive, no?

Domination gives them out like they’re going outta style. Once I hit the 20 limit, I send to my auctions and let them stack up. Maybe I’ll exchange some for some diamond ones. They seem to be going for a lot right now.

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They run out quickly on Dom once you lose some games. I’ve run out after some losses in All-Time and against the 90’s team in Historic

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It only looks like that on the surface, but once you play more games theyre gone real fast, real quick.

You only get 1 Diamond contract from the Exchange

Domination Grind Gives Contracts

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I know, but I already have 4 stacks of silver and bronze contracts. Along with 2 gold stacks.

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I can’t lose lol. I only lost to the Bucks and Raps at the buzzer in regular dom but I was solely rim running with AI and fastbreaking. I literally made 1 3 in all of current dom. Once they updated shooting I haven’t beat the CPU by less than 20. Even on HOF

I played 45 games in domination. I won 41 of them. I got so many contracts I completed the exchange for a diamond contract (sold for 30k) and still have 5 silver and 10 bronze contracts left


Bro what are the requirements for diamond contract? Nice to sell em.

I think it’s 15 gold, 20 silver, and 30 bronze

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Alright thanks man.
Thinking if it is worth it to exchange and sell.

I make a lineup of the lower tier players I’m using and purchase contracts through the lineup screen with mt as it’s cheaper.

Currently hoarding contracts for when I have Amy and above players to use them on

I got two diamond contracts when I was doing my 12-0 run. I also use the exchange to trade bronze/silver/gold contracts for a diamond one. I gave 1 to PD Pierce. The other two will wait for someone worthy.

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How much would the 15 gold, 20 silver and 30 bronze sell for on their own? What are their current prices? Is selling the diamond one for 30k even worth it?

If you apply contact from the TTO lineup screen it only cost 200 for a ruby cards and I think 180 and 160 for saphir and emerald

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Yeah Regular Dom is easy but Historic has some tricky teams and All-Time is difficult as fuck tryna hit the 900 MT requirement while scoring effectively

I’ve got one game left of Historic and the second half of Regular to work thru. All-Time nothing yet, just some frustrating losses bc that MT requirement SUCKS

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Y’all, should I sell my diamond contract ? Going for bout 28K or so, I just got PD and Opal tier left for unlimited

Depending how often you play and your MT balance.

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I’m planning on just finishing unlimited and waiting til something new pops out, Dom doesn’t seem as worth it as before so yeah, got bout 60K, was looking at either picking up bron or someone to help me finish off the unlimited run and then sell back