How are you feeling for the first 250k Qualifier?

How are you feeling for the first 250k Qualifier?

Will you guys be playing? Feeling confident, still working out kinks and lineups?

I’m definitely not ready lol

I’m confused. Do you have to have 10 wins in unlimited going in or just have won 10 unlimited games in general?

Going to be terrible to play

10 wins in a row to get the invite

So I have to have a current 10-0 record?

I that that top 4 qualifer feeling


I tried playing MTU to get my 10 wins so I could get sapphire Brandon tomorrow. Holy shit this year is the most toxic ever.


Which part you talking about

All of it?

I just mean what are you running into?

2-3 ofball, bump stealing, inbound reaching, constantly spamming X so their 8888 feet wingspans would intercept your passes, hop stepping with Giannis non stop, Muresan post ups, just dashing thru bodies for impossible to contest layups and so on? Shall i continue.

The game is bigger trash then 2k18 and that says something.


That spamming X shit on the pass is probably the most annoying shit in the world.

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I have to agree that the cheese has gone to a new level

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No defense around the rim and 3 point shooting being disaster makes all kind of scummy, non skilled players empowered, skill gap non exsistant, gross.


Seen that so much last 2-3 days. It’s hilarious. Dudes just crushing that X, hoping…and usually someone is left open…

Yea, I’m glad everyone else is struggling with that. I just assumed I was throwing shit passes.

Here’s what you are going to see from the leaders:

  • Endless steal spamming in the passing lanes
  • 5 out
  • Giannis hop step to rim, if not open, kick to KAT/Mikan/Laettner/Love for the corner 3
  • Momentum behind-the-back off a screen for the 3 (run Kobe/Luka/Melo/Price/Nique) …the new cheese spreading like fire…
  • Double teams on any hint of a money play
  • Double teams in the post
  • Full court pressure
  • Steal spamming the in bounds

Fun right?

You forgot Muresan, I’m gonna go crazy with him

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Looking forward to the cheese.

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