How are the TTO boards today?

I haven’t had much luck with the ball drop on the very few good boards I’ve had out of many today.
Hows it standing up for you today? I’m very close to Wilt so I need the Tokens more then anything.

I came across a one token board and a TDIH pack board.

missed both cause I only had one ball xD lol

Yea, i feel i need to lose a bunch of games on purpose. I really hate this game some days. On TTO, it can be some major bull shit from the start of a game. How can it be any more obvious that the game is predetermined on what team will be favored. The ball drop can be really gross with the un-natrual bounce. Almost everytime I drop a ball lately i end up saying right off the bat, there goes my chances. The ball will travel from one side of the board to the other everytime. Ive been through a ton of boards today and nothing good in 5 hours of play. Not even a good gold card, it seems i get better bronze cards when i open them.

They were fire every time I lost. Diamond packs and tokens. Bronze and MT whenever I won.

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Mine yesterday were bad for about 2 hours.

Lately I feel I need to take a break constantly from this game. I mean, I really want to play it but its been hard not to feel like I’m getting screwed all the time. It just seems to make me feel like shit. I seem to get the worse games of TTO where my guys cant hit a shot even when its open, not moving, and good timing over & over. While some guy that has no idea how TTO play even is will be making bomb half court shots. They seem to reward lesser skilled players a lot lately for bad game play. It gets seriously dumb to even feel good about this game when the online play isn’t always based on skill level but “Luck”. I admit I hate to lose but it doesn’t stop me from trying as hard as I can and keep playing. This crazy bad luck over last few weeks with obvious in your face fuck you shit I’ve had to go through makes me sick of even trying to win a game. Most of the time when I lose its from someone that had more luck while I seem to be very unlucky. I hate having to work way harder for a layup when It should come natural when my guy is open. The animation on a bad game are all geared to make it so much harder to come back once your down.

The ball drop and prizes have been so terrible I don’t look forward to it much at all now.

Its more of a let down by far then it ever amounts, same with locker codes. Crazy bad bounces, like in and out of my favored prize.

It never fails, I get to the point where I have 5 balls and I get heavy Equalizer. This game is so frustrating, for sure I’m done playing after this year. The grind is getting to hard to bare year after year with how unfair game play gets. I’m having a hard time understanding why my team is always getting fucked while my opponent is always being awarded for bad play. I just watched 4 half court 3s go in for the guy I was playing with a Sapphire that has a 79 3 ball. While I just missed every shot I took until cold including 3 blocked from behind layups.

I know bad defense when I see it and I know when my opponent is good. I’m losing games all the time now that are heavy equalizer. I mean, heavy, I think I should just let my account lose a ton of games. It seemed to help a few weeks ago,.

na man it happens. I have games where i start out hot as ever and then i cant make anything at all. I played a game today where after i scored like 4 buckets my players moved slower. I could barely icon pass. But thats few and far between. Its your mindset really. If you just laugh it off and keep grinding it wont suck as much. My boards were pretty good for atleast 3 weeks so even though it sucked yesterday, im gonna keep grinding when i get off work. Gotta get some diamond shoes and contracts. Just keep at man. or even play some friendlies to unwind from the stress of grinding.

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Woooo board is :fire::fire::fire:

On the 5 ball, no less. Brutal.

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I’ve seen a diamond pack today but of course when I only had 1 drop

Only seen 1 diamond pack and 10 tokens through about 20 boards Been very dry.