How are Pack Odds

I’ve literally wasted 40 bucks on MT only to get one gilmore
wasted about 200k trying to get jordan smh idk man
i packed all the other pds for the collection except wallace

should i try again right now

this is xbox btw

I open 300k worth of vc if not more to only get a few Gilmore’s and my somewhat friend opens 1 box and gets Jordan and pippen why 2k gotta fuck me over

Im on pack 8/10 and i have 7500 vc left man im crying i gotta hope and believe


Doesn’t really matter, you expect this:

and you get this even if you’re lucky:


2k ruining everybody’s christmas as always

That is by far the most hyperactive gif I’ve ever seen :joy::joy:

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I opened a 10 box the other day first pack diamond contract best i got was a amethyst KD, but had enough for one single and pulled MJ. Lol that was clutch, also i always have good luck with big pulls.

I pulled Magic same way. 10 box of the super packs and nada but some Amys. Pulled a single with my last VC and Earvin is chilling there

i sold that mj because he was underwelming for me. sure his dunks are nice but hes kinda limited on offense due to his shooting and all he does is dunk and can hit mid range… I managed to get 490k with a diamond contract for him. which is surprising since he was the most expensive one on xbox i think yesterday… At least i think lol. I did some collecting for my collector level and got to 1000 cards. I told a buddy id help him out by giving him MT for Vince Carter. I mean its christmas so may as well be nice to him. Im hoping Kobe comes out today or tomorrow should be tomorrow since usually they like to surprise us i find lol

This was 15 hours ago on xbox, first box😀


I feel like they juiced pack odds right before Christmas or juiced them for Christmas

Dude! What’s your history so far? Have you opened a lot of packs this season?

@Hemmi2k the hesitation to pull the 20 box at the beginning !! A classic :smile:

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I hate you so hard right now. Lol. Nice box.

Not a single Rose…

I usually open packs right when I they drop and always get what I’m after when I do. Got giannis in my second 10 pack box, same with diamond Jordan basically everything I go for. Yesterday was different because I hadn’t been able to connect to the servers all weekend. Wasn’t going to rip but saw the 550k vc offer for $89 and said what the hell ill open one box and save the rest for pd kobe :grinning:

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Yes I got all of them, rose was pack number 15 :grin:

Please open my packs in the future !!

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