How about that DI Mo Pete!

I just redemmed his card and it scores better than most of my Opals. This is a hidden Gem.
Ona side note that PD Sabonis is an awsome card to play against Yao.

these diamond tokens are pretty litty. Walker Mo Pete and Eddie look damn good

Just got back up to 150 tokens. Debating grabbing PD Ewing for the dream team squad or PD Glen Rice, but there’s a couple of diamonds that look great including Mo Pete and Anotine Walker. Might just grab the diamonds for fun.

I am going to try that Eddy since I have about 160 tokens left and dont care about the remaining PD

Oh yah, Eddie Jones too. Wanted to try him out. Loved his ruby.

Has anyone tried PD Gugliota?

Googs is a beastttt, give him weathermans and badges and he’s a bigger bob pettit

Don’t waste it on ewing, if you get a pd get rice, jsmoove, googs or saboner

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Got sabonis and Googs. Just wanted Ewing to run him in my dream team squad. His diamond has been serviceable and I don’t run my offense through him at all.

His diamond is basically no different :grimacing: he doesn’t even come with d stopper. I got him as my first pd reward and I regret it

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Haha thanks. At this point just trying to run theme squads. But Rice looks nice. Might go for him or get a couple of diamonds. Trying out new cards only thing keeping it fun at this point

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Yeah if you’re going for fun get the diamonds, i have almost all of them and they are a lot more fun than the pd except for rice. They are specialist cards so you can’t just jack up shots

He’s cool but he steps into the line on catch n shoot if the some is from inside

Harden, Ginobilli, B Russ, DLO, Ben S, Cowens, D Rob, Mo Pete

Lucky Leftys, gangster effortlessly
Papa was a rolling stone it’s in my ancestry
I’m in a whole 'nother league, ninjas never catch me
And I sport fly shit, I should win the ESPY

Lefty Haiku

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If it’s a big deal to run a Dream Team theme, then get PD Ewing.

Sure…plenty of other Rewards that are more “fun,” but that is also the case with tons of very affordable auctionable cards…that don’t fit your theme.

Thanks for the input. His diamond is my bench 5 and I really only need him to grab boards and play defense. With the purple Kyries, his speed is decent enough to not get burned by KAJ or Drov or Shaq all the time. His shot is too slow that the bump in 3 point stats might not be worth it. I’ll probably grab him anyway even though he won’t improve my team much and try to get another 60 tokens for Mo Pete somehow.

Yeah, his jumpshot animation is the big bummer (and most of his post animations not really good, either). But he also gets very significant speed boost with the PD and: 12 HoF Badges.

I mean you gotta do what’s most fun for you. I’m just thinking that, if you play your theme team a lot, then you’ll get mileage out of the Tokens.

But of course up to what’s most fun for you.

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It’s actually national left handed day :joy:

Too slow to play the 3, too weak to play the 4.
TTO is the only viable option if you get Googs

I play him at the 4 on my rewards squad. Does fine. I also use to play Bob Pettit a the 4 on the squad, so I’m use to having an undersized 4. Googs is just more fun than Pettit for me. More athletic with crazy dunks but obviously without the shooting badges. Googs running behind the back is also pretty OP

I swear he has the highest release point of the base crew