Hot Take: Uncle Drew is an entertaining movie

I’m a bit of a cinephile and borderline film snob, but I have to admit Uncle Drew is an eminently watchable movie for me. It’s certainly no White Men Can’t Jump, but once it gets the stupid premise out of the way, there are some genuinely funny moments. It’s one of those movies that, whenever I’m flipping through channels, if it’s on I have to watch.

Top ball movies:

  1. White Men Can’t Jump
  2. Hoop Dreams
  3. Hoosiers
  4. Above the Rim
  5. Uncle Drew

Don’t fucking @ me, that’s the list. He Got Game, Blue Chips, and Space Jam honorable mentions. Love & Basketball, Juwanna Man, Semi Pro, Teen Wolf, Like Mike and everything else doesn’t make the list.

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I enjoyed it

ummmmm coach carter?

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Is it appropriate for a 6 year old who’s obsessed with basketball?

The Air Up There @star5CR34M you’re old like me. not even an mention smh smh lol

There’s too many to put in the also-rans @MosesTyreke

wym. Too many to put in the also-rans?

It’s borderline for a kid that young. No sex but there’s some innuendo and language. Depends on the kid, I suppose - It’s PG-13, so if you’d take him to like Jurassic World or Marvel movies it’d be about on that level.

Just too many movies to list that don’t quite make the cut.

It was just entertaining enough for me not to consider it a waste of time.

Yall want a great recent basketball movie? Check out High Flying Bird on netflix

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I give funny movies passes on stupidity, and it just kept me laughing most of the movie. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to check it out.

Bro what about Basketball Diaries with Leo.

He plays basketball while on lots of drugs and blows a businessman for some $$$ to buy heroin…

Insane movie.

Lumped in with Love & Basketball/etc. in that 10-20 range

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That movie was wild. Young Walberg too

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Also, Like Mike is not only the best basketball movie ever but also the best movie ever. With the best soundtrack ever.



White men cant jump is definitely the best basketball movie ever





People need to appreciate movies for what they are. Uncle Drew isn’t trying to be the next Godfather or Casino but rather a fun, silly Bball move in the vain if the commercials. I haven’t seen it yet but you can tell what it will be like from the name alone.

EDIT: anybody that doesn’t have white men can’t jump as #1 is wrong, period!

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Hot Take: Kyrie should be pushed off the edge of the world

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Wouldn’t the “ice walls” stop him from falling? :joy::joy: