Hot take on next Friday’s theme pack 🤔

They are saving for something big on purpose these two weeks , and I think it’s because there will be a “FINALS PERFORMER” theme pack next Friday including GO Magic , GO Bird , GO Julius Erving or maybe GO KD if he won’t play game 5 . What do you think?


Same. Magic will drop next week and I mark my words, it has to be

Either Tuesday or Thursday (more likely Thursday with the promo)

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Market gonna crashes next week , save your MT and get ready !

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Well idk if this was a good time to buy opal melo, arenas, and yao, got good prices on all of them so I could always sell back

Some of you are paying 340k for Yao & 300 for Harden right now. Don’t!

Bought Yao and Harden and got Curry in TTO. Opal Shaq might be surreal so I’ll wait and see for his stats

another one

Paid 250k for Yao and 260k for Harden

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It says ‘right now’ above :slight_smile:

Yea sorry lol

This Opal’s hype is not much different than Pd anyway. Yao cards always loose value too fast cuz most users can’t win consistently by just playing in the post.


Maybe GO Pippen?

“Final performer” and no Lebron

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Lebron for signature series dude…

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Yea Ur right. He said finals performer not finals winner so I guess we can include LeBron

If Magic on promo then AD on throwback playoffs moment. We have been waiting for a better AD for long time…

Watch Lebron with all 99 stats and be the reward lol imagine!

So I’m suppose to wait till July for Lebron


Kat/embiid/butler have had big performances with mediocre cards. They dont have much time for them now, they bring out shaq/kaj/drob and hakeem all before them lol

I’m on the road without a PS4 until Wednesday… on a scale of 1-10, how bad am I missing out?