Hot Take: Moments cards aren’t worth it

Let me know if you disagree, agree, or don’t really care. Moments cards aren’t nearly as good as rewards cards and have much less value


Yeah they’re not worth it at all tbh but only the ones excluded from the reward collection

not only reward cards, but throwback elites have been consistently strong in regards to badges and attributes when compared to moments.

i think 2k took the word “moment” way to literally and said oh, kawhi, an above average three point shooter, deserves a 70 open three after going 0-4


We should wait for Anniversary Cards and Must Cop Throwback Elites.



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I actually like the fact that they took it literal. It allows them to be differentiated like the pink diamond harden cards


Yeah klay definetly isn’t worth it he’s ass


Fully agree. Rather than just slow stat progression like every other year. They base everything on the performance from stats to badges I honestly love it

This is exactly how I feel about rewards cards. I’m currently on Amy rewards and I swear Dirk is the only usable card. It’s actually crazy. Only the diamond melo and Grant Hill excite me. Like literally look at the diamond rewards Paul Westphal? Marques Johnson? And you have to get all of em to move on hugeeee pass

All the PD rewards are all pretty damn good. Grant hill is amazing, timmy is really good


don’t get me wrong i like it but, for example, kawhi should not receive a 70 open three and 60 contested

instead a 75-79 open and 70-75 contested allows for a more reasonable kawhi card

Newest pg 13 is a nice card

I feel like they are good at certain things but all the moments cards have some weakness. Seems like throwbacks and promo cards are more well rounded

I am basically waiting for Ani Part 2 all other cards wont crack the line up. Very unusual experience bring able to comfoetably pass on so many cards.
I have Klay, Oscar, Pippen and und KAj the Rest are Ani and reward players.

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I think base value of his amy should be used. 70 is way too low

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yeah same with rewards. useless one month after the game comes out

100 tokens are extremely hard to acquire if you don’t have time for domination or mt to blow locking in sets. Let alone the 60 for every single diamond including the shitty ones which happen to be the majority of the set. Not worth it at all imo I’ll stick with my 100k BG at SF and my 40k Ben Wallace at PF who I can sell and replace at anytime

Once again you cant get mad at 2k for giving the man 70 3 pt rating when it’s a MOMENTS card and he went 0-4… get mad at Kawhi lol


It’d be great if most of these cards had low contested three ratings, so defense would actually matter… right now, there’s almost no reason for there to be two categories. It seems like only a select few bigs have moderately decent open 3 that plummets if they’re actually covered.

Would also help for moments that don’t have multiple threes made. If all three of his attempts were contested and he was brick city, maybe his open three is still 80, but his contested is 50 (or worse).

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I thing contesting shots matters greatly, maybe its only the user as he rushes the shot seeing someone closing out fast, but even my Klay is way better when open. But in general you’re right i dont think 2k looks at which player only shoots open 3s and who is able to knock down contested ones on a regular basis.