Horns Set?

Is the Horns set missing this year or do I need to select a post coach?

I couldn’t find it. My fav 3-2 freelance.

Shit sucks I used it alot last year

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Yeah it’s an amazing freelance when you go big on your PF/C. Been looking for a replacement, but haven’t gone through all the new freelances yet.

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I don’t think coaches change selection of Freelances, after all, right?

Edit: maybe they change initial 4 but one can change to whatever from full selection…?


Yea I run nurse and dont see horns anywhere in the full screen. I’ll test it out later

Horns is gone. Czar said it in one of his streams a while back. The good thing is that he has the ability to add in new freelances as the year goes on. I’d like Horns and a 1-4.

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Why is Horns gone? Like if teams didn’t run it anymore

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