Hoping 2k releases anniversaries this Friday!

Want to complete series 3 already but knowing them they’ll make us wait another week. SMH. Hoping we don’t get a crap promo with players we don’t need but who knows!!!

Fax sig series coming

Sig. series Moses.

Moses of all the other options :disappointed_relieved:

Everyone saying sig series better be a beastly player. I hated all the sig series.

If its anniversary packs. It be kyrie and with the update he will create alot of space to get his shot off. Curry is fun and rose/kyrie will he too

Sig series pippen just to devalue the other pippens


I refuse to pull sig. series packs!! I have the worst luck when it comes to those damn packs man

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I wouldn’t be surprised hahaha

Signature Kobe

Not this again haha although I wouldn’t mind it :wink:

PD KAT incoming

Another date night for KAT and Ronnie?

Make us wait a whole day for some damn codes

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What is wrong with Sig Series? Limited KAJ and B-Roy are still meaningful players today.

Nothings wrong with them. Personally just don’t prefer them…unless it’s Dirk or the Mamba

If you don’t want that player, you don’t give a fuck about 4-5 versions of him.

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I think a Sig Series T-Mac is still possible… his PD was only 97. Why wouldn’t it have been 98 or even GO if they didn’t plan to release more?

Could make a VERY juiced 98 OVR that would really be a GO. If so it would lover the cost of the HOF set if the 97 was in the Sig Pack and make Malone easier to obtain…

It would be also in line with Arenas, Roy and VC as overrated guys getting signature series.

Who would you rather see?