Hope he was worth it

I’ve been reading alot of different reviews but I’m glad I got this grind done. His jumper is alot better than what people have said and I’m not worried about no clamps, he can guard the guys with shitty handles. Any shoe recommendations?



Heard this card sucks and Amy Kobe is better

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Diamond Sprewell better than him

Why? I’m not worried about his defense when I have Bowen and other guys with clamps.

So much negativity on this site sometimes man haha.

It’s still a hell of a grind/accomplishment so good job @508G37. Hope you enjoy the card man!


Thanks man. I finished the grind at 4am so haven’t even used him yet. I hope hes alot better than what people are saying.


Played him a few times. Dudes way better than ppl make him out to be. Obviously defense is an issue, but he’s a killer on offense

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I have him I still use him a lot he’s not as good as PG13 but still good enough. Pretty much every team has a spot up shooter like Bowen tropica dumars klay peja or whoever else just put j rich n the shooter n use your clamps guys on the guys their driving with

No idea what it took to get this guy but I pray he plays well for you.

You have to unlock and grind out and evolve all the dom rewards. I still have to evolve JRich to opal but he looks like a good offensive player for now.

I’m surprised you have him. You never seemed like the type to wanna sit there and grind against the CPU. It was a fucking chore, def need a day or 2 off from 2k now.

Lol true I traded a bunch of 12-0 for grinding my account. It was kinda a win cause my regular customers weren’t really trying to put money into this game cause it’s so ass! But during the first 6 weeks when MTU was all fucked up I actually played a good amount of offline out of sheer boredom n wanting to play the game. I did 300 triple threat n all the spotlights on my own didn’t do very much DOM though that all got done for me

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lol all guys here hate him, for me as No-Money-Spent he is a god. of course he deserves an evo which isnt hard at all. Not everyone could be able to purchase Klay, JR or Kobe smh

Well i was in my way to grind for him but i came to this forum and the hate is so frequent that i’m now scared to be disappointed cause it’s hell of a grind… so now i play my career (where i have a pb , last 3 games , no substitutions anymore , all 5 starters play 48min … quite annoying and dunno how to change it (i didn’t change anything tho) , there’s no rotation setups as it’s my career…)

Card is solid I just fell too much in love with my players having clamps lol, I evo’d him to opal and Crawford to PD and replace them both with a player with clamps. His ball handle is great, gets good amount of boards for a guard, defense really isn’t noticeable until you run into a guy that just keeps running through his chest. It’s an 8/10 card IMO

Kobe is 80k if you can’t grind that out being nms you’re doing it wrong lol

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You can grind Jrich then u can work the ah or do evo cards to get kobe.

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I don’t care about the card, but man what a grind that must be to get that card. I couldn’t bring myself to try and evo that many different cards that I would never wanna use.

Once I realized it would take me more than one game to evo anything over a sapphire I was out