Hop Step Dribble Hesitation Move

Sorry if I’m late to the game on this so don’t jump down my throat if everyone is already doing this, but I was messing around and with some dribble moves.

Tapping X while your left stick is pointed in any direction makes your player do a little hop in a direction while maintaining his dribble. This usually either creates space, acts as a quasi speed boost, or sets up a nasty snatch back move. I tested it out with Kyrie and Curry and its pretty effective.

Yes, this is a dribble god go to move in park. It’s been toned down a bit this year though.


I can’t do it this year tbh

Last year I was leaving people in the dust with KD or John Wall

I’m terrible with this. More than half the time, I end up picking up my dribble and pump-faking.

I used to do the size Up then the hesi, the opponent jumps every time :grin:

And it causes constant ankle breakers when you have the shot creator takeover activated

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I think the key is to tap it very quickly and delicately and wait for the animation to finish and your player to start dribbling before making another move because if you anticipate and hit the RS too early the game will register it as beginning the shot.

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