Honestly what is going on in the PC 2k world?

Honestly what is going on in the PC 2k world?

I knew PC was a land of cheaters and modders (no offense PC players)
But WHAT IS THIS??? :smiley:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njtbbd7UMu0 (8:00 where the fun start)
I honestly would like to know how can someone mod the game so it let 13 Galaxy Opal James start? :joy:

I’m so glad this crap doesn’t happening on console. Imagine being 11-0 and you see either of this 3 crap on the lineup screen


I have no desire to cheat people online out of wins, but I do wish I knew how to glitch certain things. :joy: I’d like to use that GO AD, or somehow speed up the Evo for Jokic so it doesn’t, take 10 years or 400k to try him. But this is the main reason I rarely go online. I only play TTO on event days.

Troydan:. " Are the ninja turtles hot boxing the sewer " :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Troydans a little too much for me usually but this was a good one.

yeah i definately see him being too much a lot of time. however he has some gem video , and this is for sure one of them