Honestly, how much did you spend on 2k20 this year?

I dropped 300 early on and capitalized.
The. Paid for most 12-0s. So probably about 500$.

What about you guys?



$100.00 and $20 for Worthy

Dont think it counts tho since I didnt get anything from the packs lol.

I think I’m at a gain of $900 including my little foray into the world of PC.

but total expenses alone are about $300 and half the lifespan of a panther chameleon in grind time


Probably close to $2000 but I’ve made a lot more than that selling MT so I’m happy with it lol

I don’t wanna talk about it…


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About £80 all to Teqson for players of the month.

That’s about 2k less than last year

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0 euros

Being on PC is sometimes good

No count the price of the game.

bought 80 dollars worth of mt, and about 150 on vc. still my best pull from the vc i payed for is that diamond luka from the john stockton vip packs

$20 about mid cycle

bout $90 dollars on MT and 1 12-0 run

I think about $15 bucks that I used on packs

I’ll let you guys guess how that went

It’s not about how much money we spent, it’s about the friends we made along the way…



$0 for last 3 years, shoutout to the goat veronica, will never be replaced in my heart.

I’ve been able to assemble godsquds with the mantra of always having a full AH, doesn’t matter how small the flip.

Edit: nm paid $20 for diamond larry then learned my lesson

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$2500 from September to now, I had the best team in the game until I stopped playing myteam last month. Now I have a bunch of maxed my career builds.

Not a bad price for what’s going to amount to a year of entertainment


10$ bucks on a gift card.

Too much, but i enjoy it so i regret nothing