Holographic Cards Thread

Lol another day another agenda for holo cards, thats 3 days in a row.

Unfortunately no way to filter for holographic cards.

The way i did it to buy one for the cheapest was to go thru the base set and individual search for a player then scroll to see if there were any up for cheap.

I was able to get a holographic gold Tobias Harris for 2k the other day so im just keeping him now.

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Decided to sell him so grab a holo for agenda’s if anyone is interested

2K giving new auction house filters :rofl: It’s crazy to me the auction search is literally designed to waste your time. Why are badges not alphabetized? I could go on and on :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


My eyes hurt from looking for holographic cards, but man I have made some money off these cards though, sold a Holo Lillard for 59k other day


Are you just flipping them?

I was originally trying to collect every premium holographic card i could, aside from really expensive ones - but it doesn’t really serve a purpose when i realised i could sell my Holo kawhi and Peja for 60k+

Should i try collect them all? is that something cool and rare haha idk

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I just think with collector level being a big part of the game this year, a lot of the cards might hold some value throughout the year perhaps

I could see 2k bringing out an agenda where u need to win a game of triple threat using 3 holo cards soon.

2k needs to make these cards more desirable because they don’t actually play any different to their regular cards they just look different. Thats why they are doing extra agendas for them imo

I didn’t take any notice of these cards for the first week or so but Im going to be on the lookout for bargain Holo cards more now!

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i got a holo 9.25 graded Duncan Robinson, what should i sell him for?

I would put him up for 15k bid - 25k buy out

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you think that’ll sell?

If it doesn’t sell then lower price.

I got a Holo Kawhi the other day for $40 k. I was going to flip him after his xp but with the holo xp popping up like it has I kind of hate to sell him.

Id sell him for 50k + and just pick up a Ruby Miles Holo or Saphire Duncan Robinson for way cheaper.

Thats if your just hanging on because of XP

That’s a good point. I really like the card but I just don’t need him right now.

So my Holo Kawhi is up on Xbox for 49,750 if anyone wants him.

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agendas a specific player or any holo havent looked yet

No new agendas for holo cards today


New agendas for this set

I grabbed a Holo card for 3k just to sit there and do agendas when they pop up. Lol, can’t even remember who right now, SF/PF from Raptors Gold. I’ll have to look later.