Holo Deni 20+ HOFs

Will be putting this up on the PS Auction House sometime in the next week. Will be adding at least 2 maybe 3 more HOF badges to him depending on what we get for HOF agenda next week. 75 tokens this weekend and still have the Kobe 81 point game reward to add as well. Not sure what I’ll try and get for him. I know he’s a Limited weekend god, so hopefully that works in my favour.

Added extra HOF badges are Limitless Takeoff, Chef, Post Lockdown, Pogo Stick, Blinders, Posterizer & Brick Wall with another 3 more to hopefully be added within the next 5 days.

Shoe Boosts are +4 to Interior Defence, +3 to Three Ball, +3 to Lateral Quickness, +3 to Block and +3 to Ball Handle. all areas he needed a boost in.

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You gonna list for a BIN or see what he gets on a bid?

Not too sure. There’s a little interest, lol.

Am I missing something? Is this Avdija card considered by the community to be super special?

Best duo in the game for limited. I would wait until the next limited where the card is needed and the try to gauge someone.

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I’ve got interest already with few saying they’ll buy it at 100k as well as saying start bidding at 100k and let tiem know. There’s interest.

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Up to 20 HOFs as of now, just added the Kobe 81 point challenge Volume Shooter to him. Another 2 to come in next few days then up on AH