Holo cards

How do you find Holo Cards because I can’t seem to find them in the auction because I have no idea what I am looking for.

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You legit have to scroll through to find them. There is no specific search feature sadly

It would be so nice if you could filter halo cards, graded cards in general let alone by grade and then they should show you what badges are added to cards in the AH it’s fucking insane that I have to memorize 65 badges and search for the extra badge out of 30 while scrolling 3 at a time lol


Yeah I found that out. No idea why 2k can’t have search parameters to include Holo as they do for theme cards etc. Maybe they’ll get around to adding that feature in 2k23.

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It would and I have no idea why 2k can’t add an update to include filters for Holo cards.

Agreed but I have to say the worst UX are finding added badges. How hard would it be to have the same marker that evo cards do for evo badges?

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That would also be a big help but I suspect they’ll add the feature then promote as “new” LOL

The one problem with adding the filter for badges is that it would then be too easy for everyone. Part of the fun for me is to suddenly find a card with extra HOF badges, diamond contract, or holo for a good price. If they were easy to find, I think the “professional” AH hunters would end up with even these cards.

Choose a player, check for a his standart price, choose a start price little above that generic price and start browsing :slight_smile: That is the only way for now.

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I can see that, but at least show me what the added badges are - the way it is now, it is an unnecessary pain

That I completely agree with. The way it is now, it only is easy if you are upgrading a player you already have.