Holo cards

What’s the purpose? Is it just for looks or what? What’s some of the holos you guys got so far?

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Just looks. I haven’t gotten anything great in Holo, just Andrew Bogut and Rafer Alston.

I’m itching to get them but I want a really good card.

Yeah. They look cool but don’t serve a purpose other than that.

Got 81 Kobe today on XB1. Listed for 9,950 (next cheapest holo listed at 15,000). Still hasn’t sold.

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Got a holo ruby Pascal for just a few thousand MT higher than the cheapest normal one

I’ve gotten Cade, and a few others - Listed for a small premium and none have sold. Maybe for top end cards they add some value?

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i got one for jerry west that sold for 15k

I could see that. That Kobe holo did finally sell towards the end of the auction, so I guess someone wanted it. My guess is only because it was a Kobe card though… who knows.

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The problem is you can’t search for them specifically , making it very hard to know and understand there worth. Unless you wanna scroll through the whole thing of a particular player, which can be a lot the week it was released, it’s really only easy finding the cheapest or the cards ending soonest, so If someone’s listed a holo up for more then a bit more then the cheapest, most people aren’t going to see it up until the last 5 minutes when people are scanning for bid snipes.

I managed to get all the sapphire colossal holos for no more then 1k, but I know that’s under value. I have no idea how much they should go for. I snagged a duplicate mpj holo for 900 and sold him for 4K , I honestly have no idea if I l
Did well, or left money on the table.

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What’s a Holo?


What are the rarest cards in MyTEAM? In NBA 2K22 this may not just be a Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry or a Dark Matter LeBron James, but Holo versions of these players. EVERY auction-able Player Card in MyTEAM will have the opportunity to become a Holo version when it is opened from the Pack Market.

These rare versions are the ultimate flex in your collection, and to show-off to the community when playing online. While Holo Player Cards have the same attributes and badges as their common versions, there will be certain Agendas and Lineup rules that can require the use of these rare and special cards. So be on the lookout for Holo versions of your favorite players when sniping on the Auction House!

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This holo shit sound pointless to me. They could at least gove a mt boast like the graded cards.


Sounds like they manufacture a point by making Holo status a requirement for some stuff to come.


Thanks for posting this. I must have missed the agenda point previously. I guess I should try to hold 1 or 2 cheap ones…