Hold up. People can use MyCareer players in MyTeam?!?!?

Just read the “Card Glossary” where the MyCareer card is featured. It says “You can use it as you use a normal player card within MyTeam.” WTF

They’re limited to 80 ovr lol. It’s a non factor

Ok word, i was about to freak the fuck out (i guess i already did)

In the future the search function may maintain your level of sanity :sunglasses:

My guys 81 in myteam for some reason

Shit an 80 ovr 6"10 shot creating playmaking pg is still nice

I think they will upgrade it in the future

that was my thought too ugh

What i wonder is if I upgrade my badges does that also transfer over to the myteam card?

It says that once you upload your player into MyTeam you can’t make any changes/upgrades.

My player has a 99 midrange in myteam as an emerald 80 overall and that’s all that matters to me.

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And you can play him in ALL game modes gg

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This True?

Wait huh? What’s his archetype?

Pure shot creator and I maxed out my midrange in my career with my vc lmao everything else is average af

Was gonna use him in triple threat but Tatum lebron and giannis have a mortgage on that game mode until they lose.

So true. I been using it in all game modes. Pure slasher with maxed out dunks and ds poster rf. And you can add shoes.

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U get 3 badge slots

So I have to uograde myPlayer with vc first?