Hold or sell spotlight cards?

How long will I have to hold my spotlight cards before they go up in value?

Lots of people will want that magic, once they realize how much 2k is going to cock block us until then with small PG’s.

I’m loving the small pg’s And my magic at center, just want to make sure I max mt when I sell.

Well on XB1 melo is going for no less than 95-100k and frequently above that when the supply gets low like it was yesterday.

Gotta think at least Melo rises in price once out of packs. Think in going to hold on to him and see if maybe hell rise to 150k+ bc people will get desperate for magic

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melo’s price won’t affected at all by magic, you have to do the challenges for alonzo mourning. then he goes into a set for magic

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I’m holding onto mine unless I need the MT to buy the next spotlight cards. Really no cards atm I’d spend MT on and can’t see them dropping with the challenges never expiring.

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Im keeping mine since i only need really 2 more cards lmao
but im gonna sell em soon

You have to get melo to complete the last challenge

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oh i forgot about that. i haven’t done any of the challenges besides the evo wade one so i’m mostly clueless when it comes to requirements

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You have to have melo for the challenges though.

Superpacks :joy: