Hold onto your cards till next weekend

If anyone looking to sell and make profit or in general get some good buck per value.

Next week we will have new anni card, visual glitchers and peeps who love splashin dem packs will drive a lot of cards values up.


I bought like 3 Ralph you think he will go up?

He should, was it 100k ea? I could see him 170k or so next weekend.

120 each

Magic & griffin thoughts?

These are hard predict with so many of them on the market. Griffin around 140k and Magic 120k

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I think Ralph is a good hold until out of packs option, he’s almost certainly going to up. 7’4 and can hit a 3 doesn’t come around very often, unless we get a PD Porzingis this is as good as it gets for super tall centers.

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What are visual glitchers bro? I would of thought that the new anniversary cards would bring prices on other cards down.

Do you think an Iverson with a diamond contract and the White Kobe AD that boosts 3 will go for over 145k?

I would sell him after the lockercode expires and wait till you see his value rise to a satisfactory amount.

Thoughts on elite badge prices? Will those go up or down with Moments and a new any card? I’ve got a bunch in my inventory that I’ve been sniping since Gilbert was released and I’m waiting to unload them until the market hits a certain price point

Ive seen limitless yesterday over 5k. I think if they release Anni AD shooting badges would go up.

That would make me a very happy man. Limitless was at almost 8K before the Arenas drop. I’m not sure itll get back there but I’d love to see it hit 7. Its sitting just over 5K now

Wouldnt holding onto your cards until the next annivaersaries hurt their value? Maybe I misunderstood you but it seems like people would sell more to afford these new cards, thus driving prices into the ground for most cards

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It goes opposite lol, people use visual glitch, they stack so much VC, they get their card they want (anni AD or whoever) then they sell all spare parts (maybe even dupe/dupes annis) and start bidding on other cards they want.

The crash usually happen on Thursday and things pick up on Friday and onwards.

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interesting trend. I just figured if PD KD drops, people will damn near sell their whole team. I think the moments tease brought Magic to bin

@Knezius I was planning on putting up my Limited KAJ tomorrow. Think I should hold on to him till next weekend too? I haven’t looked at the AH lately to see if Sampson and Wilt have had any affect on his price. Also, do you think a potential AD drop would lower his value? I could see some people trying to run him at C?

Limited dropped from like 450-500k to 300k i think holding off till next week is a good idea.

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Damn Ralph still 150ish and limited Arenas still 400 on ps4