HOF Clamps

HOF Clamps

So I guess every new card is going to have it…how do you feel about this? Melo with HOF clamps? TMac was questionable, but Melo haha?


As long as it’s not a reward for going 12-0, it gets hof clamps.


If Melo can get this badge, LITERALLY ANYONE can have it. We have the right to complain about any fucking card that comes out without this badge.


The way I play everyone has HOF Clamps in my mind. It doesn’t affect my playstyle. Blow bys been dead for weeks unless you’re playing a fish starting Curry or some shit.


Clyde didn’t get even Bronze clamps lmao


Opal Jason Richardson couldn’t get clamps either and Ibaka can’t get quick draw

Edit: oh and Magic


Anyone else frustrated with the ridiculous badging at this point? I wish they had limits to the number of players at each tier of badge. There should be max 25 cards all year with HOF Clamps. Make it more exclusive please!!

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Yeah Melo with HOF Clamps is pretty ridiculous. It kinda takes away the appeal of the elite defensive guys. I will say though that the clamps only helps the defender stay in front of the ballhandler. So like @Kobe6Rings said, if you don’t force ISOs then you’ll be ok.

Its the badges like HOF Intimidator that really have a big affect on shooting like defensive stopper did last year


I can’t believe there’s not enough guys involved in the card-creating process that not one person would put their foot down against Melo HOF clamps.

Guy A: How about HOF Clamps on PD Carmelo?
Guy B: Nah that’s way too unrealistic.
Guy A: But money
Guy B: Oh right, money


HOF Intimidator

That’s why JKidd is goated.
95 interior defense with hof intimidator. People don’t realize how much of a difference it makes.

I can’t wait go get this Melo. Basically my perfect myplayer.


They don’t even think about any of this shit.

Melo with hof handles for day? Cmon.
But no unpluckable or downhill?

Or even damn dreamshake? How can you not give Melo dreamshake or pump fake maestro? He doesn’t have either badge at all.
He doesn’t even have damn fancy footwork or backdown punisher.
Those 4 badges scream Melo, ffs.


I expected Melo with gold clamps but not HOF.

But thats not the worst of it, he also has interceptor (?), Intimidator (!?), Post move lockdown on gold(!???).

2k is very sneaky with these defensive badges because you cannot play defence without them and now that all of the new cards have them, the older cards are terribly obsolete, including the reward ones so now you have to spent VC and MT to get new players. For example, JoJo White has great stats and animations and he could be usable if his badges werent outdated.


Kawhi one of the best iso scorers in the league has ZERO dribbling badges.

2k threw in the towel.


Lol Melo 96 speed and HOF clamps … stop calling it nba 2k but nba jam now !! Rip to GO Jrich and Ibaka …


You have the right for 2k to hear your cries and not give a F^^k

Fax. Melo is literally one of the worst defenders ever. Only thing more scandalous would be Trae with hof clamps, but otherwise any card must have it if Melo does.

Or worse Curry with Hof clamps and defensive pest.

Curry motherfucking better come out soon with a HOF RE/HOF clamps card.

Lets get this shit show over with, so I can use my fav players.





Harden BETTER have HOF Clamps.

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Can we get a dirk with 80+ speed/lat quickness ever please???

If we’re saying fuck it, can we let some fun cards have a chance to be meta.

We got Bill Russell with the elite 3ball already so we’re good there.

Need young Sabonis. Olympics, stupid athletic Sabonis. Give me the 7’3" GOAT.

I need Pippen/Jordan with HOF RE/QD/HZH/DRD/GM and 99 strength please.

Let’s get some of the GOATs that often miss out on the Meta, right back in there.

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