HOF Badges: What should I do with them?

So day 1 like everyone else I got a couple badges: Quick FS and Deep hooks. About how much are they worth? How much mt would I be sinking if I put Deep hooks on ruby Dino? I assume y’all put some time into thinking about who and when to apply your HOF badges

Yeah don’t waste it on Dino. I either use them to sell a card for a higher price or I add them to a card that I know I’ll have a while. Steph and James Worthy are the only two I’ve added them to recently.

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Save QFS for a long time. You could cash out big on a card like PD Anthony Davis

I added lob city dunker to bill Russell because of the 100 ally opp tendency and because I can’t ever sell him. Only curry to be honest will get any more until opals come out

Save em

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Save your HOF badges.

Use them maybe after allstar break cards

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Yeah i would save them as well and put them on my favourite card/player and make him an absolute beast.
Basically pimp your franchise player, not the MLE Player.

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I have these three badges. I have a fully badged DWill (32 Gold, only Silver Clamps) with HOF Showtime as well. He can add these three HOFs.

Should I add them and use him, add them and sell him, or wait for another player later on?

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Use them later on probably on galaxy opal cards or some amazing PD’s