HOF badge in Limited this weekend

Anyone know if this is a specific badge or random ? How many games have some of y’all played till you seen the HOF badge ? Any responses appreciated

  1. No luck yet.

Hustler badge after 30 or so wins

Can’t say you didn’t hustle for it :drum:


Doncic gets well deserved 35th hof :slight_smile:

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That is a lot of games. After not getting the ring last weekend, I felt a sense of freedom from Limited. Played several games just for fun Saturday morning. Went 3-1 again with no signs of ring or anything good. Then spent the day mostly doing family things and afterwards easily completed the XP to get level 40 Ray Allen. Much more of a relaxing day. With Luka and Maxwell in the line up and DM Dentist coming my way on Tuesday, Ray is only a backup, but still happy with my team as is.