Hoarders Anonymous

My name is Harry Lundt and I am a MyTeam Hoarder. I have a problem. I cannot bring myself to sell cards. I think I will want to use them. Sometimes I do, but mostly I don’t.

I’ve been pretty much off this game for the past couple months, but following along with the progress of the cycle is a hard habit to break. Some dumb part of me always wants to be able to get some of the latest cards.

I quit “playing the AH” much earlier, and also stopped conscientiously selling cards before they depreciated. So I have a whole lot of stuff that, with few exceptions, is not only not worth 100K or more, but is mostly worth ~20K or less.

Here’s just Diamonds and higher…

[I’m going to regularly edit below list to log the price each card sells for.]

First Last Tier Sold For S/K
Ming Yao GO Keep
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar GO
Carmelo Anthony GO
Antawn Jamison GO
Magic Johnson GO
Kevin Durant GO
Klay Thompson GO
Steph Curry GO
Chris Webber GO
Larry Bird GO
Moses Malone GO
Kobe Bryant GO
Hakeem Olajuwon GO
Gilbert Arenas GO
Andrei Kirilenko PD
Dave Cowens PD
Steph Curry PD
Kevin Durant PD 43950
Scottie Pippen PD
Pascal Siakam PD 11150
Kawhi Leonard PD Keep
Draymond Green PD Keep
Hakeem Olajuwon PD 17500 Sell
Clyde Drexler PD Sell
Magic Johnson PD Keep
Bill Russell PD Keep
DeMarcus Cousins PD Keep
Nate Thurmond PD Keep
Michael Jordan PD Sell
Chris Mullin PD Keep
Carmelo Anthony PD Keep
Gary Payton PD Keep
Greg Oden PD 18750 Sell
Antawn Jamison PD 26000 Keep
Allen Iverson PD Sell
Bill Walton PD Sell
Ming Yao PD 31950 Sell
Ben Wallace PD 16100 Sell
Jamal Crawford PD Keep
LeBron James DI
Oscar Robertson DI Keep
Richie Guerin DI 100000 Keep
Patrick Ewing DI Sell
Chris Mullin DI Sell
David Robinson DI 7450 Sell
Kawhi Leonard DI 9750 Sell
Billy Cunningham DI Sell
Michael Jordan DI Sell
Emeka Okafor DI Sell
Hakeem Olajuwon DI Sell
Andre Iguodala DI Sell
Vince Carter DI 9350 Sell
Zydrunas Ilgauskas DI Sell
JaVale McGee DI Sell
Brandon Roy DI 10450 Sell
Gilbert Arenas DI Sell

There must be a dozen or more Centers on that list. And, of course, I’ve got a ton of random Amethysts and below. Something like 75 or so whatever Heat Checks. A bunch of badges and Contracts and some DI Shoes. And about 150K in MT.

And, basically…just going to try to force myself to have a garage sale and liquidate a lot, so I have MT to spend in this endgame phase of the cycle.

Going to document in this Topic. I.e. how much stuff sells for, what I decide to keep, what I decide to buy, etc.

If you think this is boring or stupid, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to Mute this thread.

Shoes (Note for Myself):

  • Lebron 15 (Black): Layup, LQ, Pass, Accel, 3PTMove (1)
  • LeBron 15 (South Beach): Pass, PostO, DPostIQ, Close, SWB (1)
  • Kobe AD Mid (White): Ball, PFade, Accel, 3PTOpen, Steal (1)
  • Kyrie 4 PE (Purple): Foul, LQ, Pass, FT, Speed (2)
  • KD 10 (Orange/Blue): Layup, PassPer, Vision, Accel, MidOpen (2)
  • KD 10 (White): Block, Vision, STLayup, Close, SWB (1)
  • Air Jordan XXXI (Wh/Bl/Red): PassPer, Vision, MidMove, SWB, STLayup (1)
  • Air Jordan XXXI (Black): LQ, Pass, MidOpen, SWB, STLayup (1)
  • Air Jordan XXXI (Wh/Orange): Foul, Dunk, Pass, Speed, Steal (1)
  • Air Jordan XXXI Low (Wh/Blue): Block, Vision, MidMove, SWB, STLayup (3)
  • Air Jordan XXXI Low (Blue/Yell): DefCon, Pass, STLayup, Accel, MidMove (1)
  • Melo M13 (Red): DefCon, Vision, PFade, Accel, MidOpen (1)
  • Adidas Superstar (Wht/BlkStripe): Vision, PostO, DPostIQ, Accel, Close (2)

The amount of centers you have is breath taking

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Hi my name is trala7 and I’m addicted to selling cards. I can’t stop myself selling cards, even the ones I love using… Then I miss them so I buy them back only to sell them a few days later. I lose a lot of MT.


I’m with you @HarryLundt. I’m sitting somewhere around 2600 cards… I can’t even sell my heat checks that aren’t locked in. For me it’s definitely an OCD thing.

Haha. So do the hoarders, in a different way.


I hoard alot of Injury Cards :smile:

For me, with regard to stuff like, say, older Diamonds, then it’s kind of an OCD thing. Like…I have over a dozen DI+ Centers and I don’t want to sell Bill Walton, even though I have at least a half dozen Centers that are better.

For all the cheap stuff, it’s a combination of OCD over getting a good price, and being too lazy to do the work to get a good price.

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Really though, I’ll even keep one of each shoe just so I have all the colors… It’s bad.

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Haha, my collection is bone dry except for locked cards and rewards. Not a shoe it jersey to be seen.

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Yo I’m he exact opposite. I find myself wanting to sell cards even when they’re still doing good just so I can maybe get better ones. I lose a lot of mt that way because their prices drop and that 10% tax when you sell something


Hahaha. I hear you. Even though they don’t get tallied in Collector Count, and even when I was quick-selling shoes to raise MT at some point when I was super-broke (in terms of liquid MT), I had to pause to push myself to quicksell totally and utterly worthless non-Diamond shoes.

I.e. shoes that I wouldn’t even bother to put on a card for testing purposes.

And just because, for no reason, really, I just felt weird at creating an “empty” spot in the collection.

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Exactly… It’s rough… But I have a museum of 2k shoes. AIR Nike’s in every color. lol… :sob:

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My name is @dna2K and i am also a MyTeam Hoarder…

I’m do the same thing. They all end up on theme teams that are used, but nowhere near as much as i’d like. Here’s my list:

GO Simmons
GO Luka
GO Trae
GO Kobe
GO Gervin
GO Moses
PD Magic
PD Gilbert
PD Stockton
PD Marbury
PD JWill
PD Dumars
PD Pistol
PD Payton
PD Price
PD Fox
PD Lonzo
PD Lin
PD Rondo
PD Penny
PD Baron
PD Rose
PD Jordan
PD Booker
PD DeRozan
PD Iverson
PD Roy
PD Beal
PD Harden
PD Drexler
PD Dipo
PD Peja
PD Manu
PD D. Thompson
PD Vince
PD Rip
PD Redd
PD Kawhi
PD Hill
PD Barry
PD Unseld
PD Nique
PD Pippen
PD Granger
PD Mullin
PD Duncan
PD Kuzma
PD Siakam
PD Amare
PD Wallace
PD Issel
PD Mo Luc
PD Kemp
PD Malone
PD Dirk
PD Shaq
PD Dikembe
PD Ewing
PD Kareem
PD Russell
PD Wilt
PD Walton
PD Nurk
PD Ayton
PD Yao
PD Dwight
PD Boogie
D Oscar
D AK47
D D’Angelo
D Calvin
D Charlie
D Kyrie
D Baron
D Jamal
D Wall
D Kemba
D Francis
D Dame
D Steph
D Parker
D Conley
D Zeke
D Cheeks
D Bernard
D Calvin
D Kidd
D Lowry
D Mitch
D Klay
D Peja
D Ray
D Eddie
D Wade
D Manu
D Dell
D Stack
D Moncrief
D D. Thompson
D Dantley
D Dale
D Drazen
D StSmith
D Tmac
D Westphal
D Drexler
D Jordan
D Buddy
D Melo
D PG13
D Tatum
D Khris
D Ingram
D LeBron
D Iggy
D Finley
D Hayward
D Joe J
D JoSmith
D Rashard
D Marques
D Manning
D Love
D McHale
D Laettner
D Brand
D Randle
D Marion
D West
D Mash
D Lanier
D Reed
D Kristaps
D Webber
D Giannis
D McGinnis
D Millsap
D Rodman
D Lauri
D Jaren
D Tobias
D Horford
D Emeka
D Drummond
D Jonas
D McGee
D Pau
D DRob
D Hakeem
D Kaman
D Hibbert
D Dwight
D Marc
D Jokic
D Tyson

Every now and then i think of just selling everything, but then i just don’t and end up with more cards haha


Hi my name is Eric and I only keep my top 10 best cards. I have millions of MT collecting dust.

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too lazy, most are locked tho. I still think I’ll have at least a mil once 2k20 hits. If not, I’ll clean house which wont be fun

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Last year i sold up just before the final crash and basically used that cash to buy 2K19. This year i think i’m far too lazy and will just let my collection die with the game.

The old school basketball card collector in me is what brings on this behaviour i think

I usually just keep everything. Last yr I sold my 2k17 god squad for 500mt. I think its been downhill since 2k17, defense is a joke.

Bro… lol.


It’s a serious problem haha

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