Historic sapphire thomas back in packs again?

searched the auction house for him some hours ago and was suprised, there were like 6 of him. I consider to sell my heat bran in order to get me diamond noquitski.

anyone pulled sapphire thomas out of a throback playoffs pack recently?

edit: ps4

6?! holy cow

Not worth it,there is already amy Dr.J,Amy Dirk,and Diamond Nowitzki ,just get all with a shoe and use your mt for other things

I know that he’s not worth it but at this point it’s all about fandom. I’m german and the best available dirk is a must-have for me. I tried to complete western collections since MONTHS. sapphire thomas is the only card I’m missing for dirk and PD oscar. it has become a personal thing now. It took me so many hours of grinding the auction house to get every historic card without spending money, now I just want to finish what I have started. I even locked in every historic collection but the kings.

I just want to make sure that I’m not spending about 200k on him now when 2k give him the wesley matthews treatment and he suddenly starts to fly out of packs until he goes down to 30k

Its all about having fun,if you like Nowitzki then you should do it!!

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He was never out. I pulled one like 2 weeks ago and didn’t realize it was so rare I put it up for 100kbin and it was gone instantly. Also had a friend pull one like a week before that and he uses it to complete the collection. You have to figure there are a shit ton of sapphires and I’m pretty sure by the way it seems is you get a trigger in packs to pull a sapphire. Then each card has a value if there is 100 cards the value is between 1 and 100. The cthe game pulls one of those numbers at random and that is the card you get. Kind of like MMOs like wow you can do a random roll 1-100. We tested that type of random roll to see if we could figure it out. Between 10 of us we did 20,000 rolls and the number 37 only hit once in 20,000 rolls. Never could figure out a pattern in it.

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Lol yesterday I missed a throwback Richard Jefferson ruby for 900 bin, card was up to 50k bid at one point when his duo with ruby jr smith came out

just want u all to know: I “sniped” a thomas 1 minute ago for 100k BIN.



if you still looking for him, there are currently 3 up on ps4 and it seems like there are always between 2 - 5 up these days. I saw him this morning going for 180k but it seems he is going down to 150k or even lower in the evening.

The only sapphire that is actually as good to pull as a PD :joy::joy:

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