Historic Perspective on Pack/Card Drops and AH Trends

One can see the approximate schedule of card/pack drops from previous cycles on 2KMTC:

2K18: https://2kmtcentral.com/18/players/delta
2K17: https://2kmtcentral.com/17/players/delta
2K16: https://2kmtcentral.com/16/players/delta

Last year, in 2K18, on the day before Thanksgiving, 2K dropped the Swingmen set, with Amethyst T-Mac as high packable card, and Amethyst Granger as set reward:


Also dropped a batch of Moments, but nothing that was a big deal


It was apparently just the next week when they dropped Milestones, with AM KG as Set Reward…and AM Magic as the high packable card:


If I remember correctly, that Magic started off going for well over 300K:

Buying that Magic, later on, with a Shoe, for about 190K, was a big mistake for me. I’d built up some 700K in MT and got itchy about buying something expensive. I thought I had capitalized on a nice price trough, but the card, and the market in general, was on a downward trend.

2K just kept dropping nice stuff all throughout December, and the Kobe RU/AM/DI/PD Signature drop was a few days before Christmas and was a massive hit to the market.

I would be prepared to for a bearish market from this point onward. It would make sense for 2K to dampen down AH prices for people jumping into the mode with Black Friday, and progressively tank the market for the influx of newbs who will come onboard with Christmas.


so should I sell the pd lebron now or wait till hes out of packs?

I dont know what to do!!! lol

I haven’t tracked values of any high-value Moments enough to have an informed opinion on their price trajectory.

I’ve tried to avoid tracking player card prices, in general.

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dang. your the expert around these parts too. ugh. lol

Not this cycle. There’s a lot of active AH flippers who really have their finger on the pulse.

I’ve been trying to keep myself from being an AH freak and have mostly been concentrating on stockpiling badges when cheap and slowly selling them when they happen to spike. Which, actually, is just as tedious and not incredibly MT-rewarding…

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@Knezius might be able to help you out @Philanthropy. He’s been very active on the ah this year and had great success in flipping cards

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I wish they didn’t release high tier cards so fast this year. I remember when I completed the granger collection, granger and tmac were on my team till I quit after December

I tagged him. @Knezius heeeeeeeelp me lololol

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There is one difference between this year and last…

They were releasing promo’s every week to start.

This year we’ve got 2 promos, 3 20th anniversary cards, Signature series. and throwbacks.

He is in ireland afaik, so its around 1:30 am over there…

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Send a flair in to his bedroom in my opinion.

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I think you waited too long to throw him up. On XB1, he’s ending at 140k almost the same price as our first moments Bron. Now, whether or not he rockets in price depends on whether or not we get a promo or 2KA later this week. If we do, you’re in trouble. If not, I think it’s still a long shot honestly. I mean, aside from the HOF badge, the new Bron is not much different from the original.

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@Awanz I didn’t get home till 435 Pacific time. freakin work. being an adult is overrated.

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Lmao I was in my Ops Management class from 3-415 watching everyone pull PD Bron’s on here. It was brutal.

Thank you for this Sir!

whys he showing as a diamond.

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He is supposed to be a diamond. 95= diamond

He needs a batphone for emergencies

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Last year, this is what 2K dropped between end of November and early January. Remember that they have punched up what’s available early, so pattern is quite different in terms of what tiers/OVRs are impressive. But my feeling is that the relative values will be analogous and there is compelling logic for them to bring prices down across December and then hammer the fuck out of the market for Christmas and going into the New Year.

Lots and lots of new players and it’s a way / a byproduct of making it possible for newbies to get caught up faster.

Some highlights:

  • End November with release of AM Magic. Can get AM KG. (Both ended up underwhelming in actual play.)
  • Ruby Giannis in first week of December.
  • Then almost immediately AM Boogie, Ruby KD, AM Beal.
  • Then AM Harden and RU Oladipo.
  • Mid-December we get AM Wilt, AM Stockton, AM Dwight reward.
  • Closely followed by AM Malone and RU Porzingis.
  • Kobe Sig Series right before Xmas, which from my recollection shattered the AH.
  • Then quickly Gettin Buckets set with AM Pierce, AM Iverson, AM Vince with DI Penny. Double-fucking of the AH.
  • And they don’t let up in January, with DI Harden, DI Beal, AM Jimmy, AM Russ.
  • And then DI Pippen as reward for set including DI Wade.
  • And then AM Curry.

We still have Themes and Moments, and Signature Series, but also now Throwback Elite, so the timing/distribution is different but I think the same general readjustment of the entire economy to a new paradigm is going to occur.

I think same rapid readjustment from late November to early January occurred as well, in 2K17.

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