Historic Pennant (trophy case)

Is there a historic pennant puzzle piece exchange available currently?

I’m trying to get everything done to get my first trophy case player but it’s the one I’m missing that I have no idea where to get it from.

I wish this was more easy to follow. It’s confusing as hell. Wish it was a button you press and it let you know where the puzzle pieces were for that specific piece. I completed a rare moments accolade exchange (a puzzle piece I needed) and I have no idea from what agenda lol. It’s just could be a lot more clear.

I hope they don’t continue the trophy case stuff after people start getting the Larry Bird, Duncan and Dr J.

Check out the moments of the week tab. I think there’s one there.

Nope, it is a current one

Same, I need that one too, I have all the rest. Check this spreadsheet on pc and slide the cursor over what you need. A pop up should appear on where to find it at this moment



I just picked up the game a week ago and this is the only one i need also, ive been tols to grind out limited this qeekend and hope for histoic trophys and pray lol

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Okay. I feel better because I felt crazy. I’m like am I missing something? :rofl:

Assuming it’s going to be in the week 4 agendas or the next set of moments of the week. Hopefully it’s nothing too complicated. I get that, I’ll have my starting PG D Rose. :grin: Grinding TTO for the centerpiece now. Around 30 more wins to go.