Historic lineups

This is a Bulls lineup I created to get another kick out of MT before 2k20. I did my best to keep it as close to the second 3peat team as possible and still be competitive.

Out of 5 games played so far I’ve only lost to a full opal, off-balling, full court pressing cheeser.
Longley is surprisingly good, getting double doubles more often than not. So is Harper, who is an excellent perimeter defender.

I thought this may be an inspiration to someone to recreate a historic team and have some fun in MTU.


Damn, if only u could add gilmore and gervin to that lineup then i would run it lol.

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I have this! 16-17 Warriors!


Mid to late 80ies Celtics



2013 Clippers



This is fucking DOPE!!! :clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6:

I’m working on the Cavs have

Go Kyrie
Go j.r.
Go LeBron
Pd love


I hate the rest of the team and seem to be heading in the all time direction

Who wants to run vs the 2006 nuggets squad? Looks like I’m running the starting lineup all game because nobody else from the roster is in the game


You can add Earl Boykins😂

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When did Billups join?

2008-2009 season. Year they went to the conference finals. They were 2 Trevor Ariza late inbound steals away from the finals that year and probably a championship as I think they were much better then the magic. That series will forever haunt my soul

Ah got it! Did AI and Billups ever play together for the Nuggets? I am guessing no haha

Nah, funny enough they were actually traded for each other lol

Ahhh, that’s true, I completely forgot AI played for the Pistons hahah :rofl::rofl:

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And also the grizzlies :joy:

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You should let me build a 2006 heat team to run you, if I can stir up some mt

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Strange that this year we can’t build 2013 Heat… usually they release the whole team in ruby form: Chalmers, Battier, James Jones, Mike Miller :rofl::rofl:

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minus Sir Charles +2
Last 2 Blazers are still missing.

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I’d be down to let Shaq use Camby as a toothpick lol