Highschool talent

I just want to say, at a Nike eybl tournament in Columbus, and some if these kids are rediculously good

The talent level in today’s basketball is amazing

And if your a football fan deShone kizers’ Dad/brothers team is here

Heading back at 10pm for the past game of the night

One more thing, the oldest pulled off the nastiest up and under … 3 defenders in the air and one!

anyone over 6’9’’??

Yes lol

LeCurry James Jr looking pretty good

Honestly you called it is such a mashup of skills, kids diving showing heart

Seen a couple 5 out small ball teams too

Been fun to watch

That 5-out is typical pickup at my LA fitness lol. Although it’s a smaller court and we runs 4’s, so it’s a 4-out lol.

Lol yes

The 5 out teams trying to shoes the game up on the bigger teams, bigger teams bullying 5 out teams

16 year olds with solid college range and plenty of finishing at the rim too