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greedy 2k only releases Kobe as SG/SF - instead of making him SG/PG - to release his another card in a month

Don’t hate me, but as good as these drops are, what’s annoying me lately is that we keep having Limited requirements that say 1 Amethyst, 1 GO and rest rubies. My issue is that we are still playing with old Rubies and Amethysts and they’re not dropping budget beasts for this mode any longer it seems and the baseline on drops is now diamonds. If they’re going to continue to use the Limited requirements, give us new fun cards at lower tiers to use other then the usual Bol Bol, Bey, Keldon Johnson, Penny (which I’m not complaining about as mine is maxed as a lot know, lol), Wendell Carter etc. We get no variety in those tiers other then the crappy Series 2 cards and these stupid Lil Durk Celebrity drops who are worthless and no fun.


Totally agree.
Not only do they not give us new budget players by making the drops Diamond (Friday drops have been PD) and higher.

It also dilutes the pack odds of getting a specific higher tier card. I don’t know if they do make some cards get pulled more at each tier (someone would it KD have to do a massive mathematical text, like 10000s of packs etc, not like Ty getting ‘info’ from Twitter replies then making a video, videos he didn’t make to show the crappy stuff before he was banned, we see him). It’s probably true but not proven, I don’t have the energy to care about random conspiracy theories on a video game tbh.

Having 8 PDs and only wanting to pull 2 of them makes it harder. You don’t pull less PDs, there is just a higher chance of pulling one you didn’t want.

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Got crazy lucky from the challenge pack this week.