Highest goals reward?

I haven’t even unlocked jr smith let alone shaq. Anyone seen a Steve nash or pd shaq running around? Curious to see if anyone has unlocked

Played Steve Nash the other day. Wasn’t impressed

Damn imagine grinding for him and having him disappoint lmao

Lol I mean he was hitting some threes but his shot ugly. It’s like a set shot and it’s kinda slow. And it’s hard to get open with him from what it appeared. I won by 25

So he’s basically Chris Paul with less badges haha

Fuck no. Chris Paul is elite. Nash was more like a way better emerald Steve Kerr. With badges. If you ever used that card you would know what I mean

lets not get it twisted though steve nash IRL was a savage

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Ah good because I have Chris Paul :wink: Steve Kerr is pretty average haha

No doubt I’m a suns fan he was a boss

Nash is one of the goats he just trash on this game

i feel like that card needs to used in the right hands. if the user is trying to huck contested 3s with him than thats the problem. if you used him as a ball distributor then its probably a decent card. but ive never used it. @anon11689187. you and ur cp3 talk is gunna make me go lock him in lolololol. tell me what u would do. magic and bird. OR. cp3. with kareem and rest of the collection. but cant resell ?

I had magic. I got rid of magic to start Paul who originally was coming off the bench. Chris Paul is so fun to use and he’s an elite card. Magic and bird is tempting because bird is knock down but honestly ima say Paul and Kareem. As long as your comfortable knowing Paul is short and it’s gonna take some finesse to adjust to a smaller guard.

If I had the Mt I’d go for Paul

Chris Paul averages 15 and 12 for my team. And I could easily score more but I facilitate a lot with him. He’s currently feeding Melo Kareem lebron PD KG PD Harden and still getting his 15. He’s also shooting over 60% from the floor and it’s mostly threes. I have no complaints whatsoever of the card. He also attempts dunks if nobody is in front of the rim which is funny to see. Someone rage quit on me after I got an and one dunk on Kareem with him.

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I went up against Nash twice. Both of the dudes were good players, but that card kind of sucked, honestly. I felt the newer cards on the court (for both me and my opponent) were waaaaaay better and diamond Penny actually shut Nash down both times.


I’ve played the Nash. Doesn’t miss 3s, but release is sort of strange and the new Ruby John Wall can probably out play that cad tbh

I played against Nash twice. All the dude I played do was run plays. he’s basically a diamond steph curry with more hof badges totally not worth the grind.

No one has that PD Shaq,you need to win PD KP at supermax first

Lol you’re def talking about that HBKvSnuggles guy on xb1 lol

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You also need PD Robinson from weeklies