High top Curry’s with Eddie Jones

How much could I get for him if I did this. He would legit be a monster on the floor at the 2

What system?

Ps4. I haven’t done it yet but not sure if it would be a good enough profit to do

The card isn’t expensive as is, so I don’t think you’d get over 100k for it. But won’t hurt to put it up for 100k bid if you’re ok with those returns

Yeah I already have him and your probably right, just wasn’t sure if he would be the best with it besides stats. And if he played good I probably wouldn’t let go of him lol

Just sell him to me with the currys, you don’t need him. Too many good wings in the game to use scrawny Eddie.

Haha he just scored 14 points with no shoe, couldn’t imagine with, if I do I’ll let you know tho :slight_smile: I had curry at the 2 before so he’s an upgrade lol

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