High flyers. Who's finna be in it?

Im kind of excited for this promo I feel like they are going to start bringing the heat with the content. What players do you think are in the set?

Gotta have Kemp and Skywalker.


Amythest Isaiah Rider, Ruby Brent Barry, PD Carter reward?

I was gonna say maybe amy Nique but he had an amy locker code already right?

Pd tmac collection reward ?

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rudy Gerald green would make me cry

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Tom Chambers


MJ, David Thompson, Jason Richardson, Dominique, Dwight Howard, Shawn Kemp, Steve Francis, Gerald Green, Tom Chambers

Set reward: PD Vince Carter


Amy Zach Lavine would be nice too

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Is this coming out today?

Josh Smith, Steve Francis, Dwight Howard.

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Zero indication of that

Pablo Prigioni


its not too late for today?

Not till next week probably. Definitely in the next two weeks

As long as they drop it next Friday once I’m outta 2k jail

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How long does a ban last?

Thats up to 2k but I’ve only seen permanent and 2 weeks

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Pd nique reward

Diamond Rudy Fernandez