High Flyers Card Set (Not Real)

High Flyers (1) High Flyers High Flyers (3) High Flyers. (4) png High Flyers 5 thx to my new friends @HAMMERHEAD @12thFloor and @adobo


is this better for all this stuff?

No. Nearly every post is allowed and gets not banned in a specific post directly like ,fake art design,.
McDonalds talk, Coinselling, Twitch channel promo, Netlfix and so much off topic that no one is nagging about.

A ,community, or fanpage about myteam that basement are TRADING CARDS with specific cardart and programs should allow their members and gaming fans to share their art outside of one specific post, especially yours that is about the program now.

Bering supportive should be the way here - to all members who take effort and do work like you do.
You get ignorance and negativity and thats what i see so many times here.

Some fame ingame starrs just need to do a fart here- and get tons of likes and sometimes there starts azzlicking i have never seen before.

Of course i met good guys here but especially new members have a hard time here - and get nasty comments from the scene police here and then they are quiet.

You are doing great stuff that shows your passion for the game.

I delete my account here now - and let the fake cards be banned in the fake cards section.

All the best


dont leave pro dont

Dont worry man @TheRealOG21

If you want to succeed in the creative industry you have to be able to take alot more shit than you can imagine.

I took arts fundamentals and design school. Specialized in Print, production and interactive things. Was in the graphics industry for a while and I moved to another industry for a steadier income. You definitely have potential although still raw. Keep doing your thing, practice and never take things personally

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Good Stuff that Tmac is dangerous.


Im serious about the grid. Everyone who knows how to use a grid will see it.

And less is more. K.i.s.s. is the acronym

Keep it Simple Stupid

imma make a forum for all of my cards

That’s the spirit :100:

Cool stuff! I love seeing custom cards of all kinds

It’s not about every post, its about similar posts (custom cards) being kept in one thread. If they wanna create a custom card category, its on them

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I like the custom cards but there’s too many posts on the exact same subject by OP.

I’ve seen @HarryLundt lock similar posts by different people that were popular topics for discussion. Not saying anything about it just that I’ve noticed it.

Please add Kemp and Nique

Thanks!! keep up!!

lavine loooooks great!

I think you should make planets on the bottom more translucent, i didn’t like where it cuts players feet. Too visible, big & distracting. When i look at the whole card, i see that part first not the player or the rest nicer parts.

Also choosing different planets (colors) for each player would be a nice touch.

That is a good idea, you can use different planets!!

For example for Kemp Kronos (Saturn) would be Ideal


No disrespect but not feeling the design, smth’s off.

why is there a diamond shape thing behind lavine and no one else.
Also, for overalls i personally recommend putting gem there instead of just making it a color.

What the fuck

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“Give them a chance”

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