High end Xbox cards ending at 7pm EST

All players have diamond contracts:

PD Lebron with white kobes

PD Kobe wth red kobes

PD Melo with black Lebrons

Diamond Danny Granger with white Jordan 3s

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In hindesight I should’ve just titled this high end small forwards lol

About 30 minutes left, don’t miss out guys!

Lebron currently at 100k

Kobe currently at 100k

Melo currently at 473k

Granger currently at 295k

Come get yourself a steal on a Kobe or Lebron!

Damnit I wanted the Melo lol

He’s actually been at that price for at least an hour someone bid him up early lol

Im saving up hopefully Melo goes down Fri when KD comes out. Is that why you’re unloading?

Yeah and also I’ve been looking to sell some things off for awhile but every time I think about it it’s a bad time to start an auction lol

Kobe up to 278k

Lebron up to 300k

My PD PG ends in about an hour. Hope I get 300+ for him

Good luck man! What’s he at now?

No clue, still at work

I can check for you if you remember any details like contracts/shoes

Contract + red kobes I think

Got ya, just 1 sec

Looks like still 100k, there’s a few that end within the next hour. On the bright side one just ended with a diamond contract and black Lebrons at 315k

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